Ready, Steady, Brexit!

Today, the United Kingdom embarks upon a new path. 9 months ago, the British people voted for a new future, a future outside the confines of the European Union, a future with a global Britain.

Despite the many attempts of the Remain campaign, commentators, Article 50 will finally be triggered today. This day will go down as one of the most historic days in British Politics. The Referendum has changed the entire political landscape and the debate in this country.

As the Article is triggered, we should all look forward with positivity and hope. Regardless of whether you voted to Remain or to Leave, the debate over whether we’re leaving is over. Now, we must all get behind the Prime Minister as she enters into what promises to be tough negotiations.

There are those in the Remain camp who almost want to see the Prime Minister fail – but that is markedly irresponsible. The negotiations should not be used as a political football – everyone should want them to be successful.

We must also view Brexit as what it truly is, not a challenge, but an opportunity. For the first time in decades, we will be the masters of our own fate. Trade deals are ours to negotiate, political ties are ours to build, laws ours to decide.

Brexit is the chance for Britain to become further itself as a global economic superpower. It is a chance for us to re-engage with our long-held allies in the Commonwealth. It is a chance for a better future.

Who doesn’t want to see a global, open, Britain?


It was certainly suggested that Brexit was a move-backwards. That it was a rejection of the world, an attempt to jump back to the ‘good old days’. In truth, the opposite is true.

The optimism that carried through the hearts of much of the Leave Campaign, was not that Britain would retreat from the world. It was that Britain could re-enter the world stage.

After all, why limit yourselves to one continent when there’s a whole world out there?

The negotiations will not be easy. Despite pressure from domestic businesses, the EU will be keen to make an example out of the UK. The big question is whether internal persuasions will overcome the EU’s stubbornness with regards to freedom of movement and trade.

In truth, all predictions are off the table. We must remember that we are the first nation to have triggered Article 50, although we may not be the last.

Britain has chosen a different path. Unlike Robert Frost in ‘The Road not Taken’, we shall not sign that we were not brave enough to reject the status quo. Instead, we will eventually rejoice, that we have taken that road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.


Article by Matt Day 


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